Griswold™ 811 Series Saves Major Chemical Company in Michigan

Director of Maintenance, next to the Griswold 811

Griswold™ 811 Series Saves a Major Chemical Company  Roughly $2,000 a Month, Eliminates Costly Shutdown

When you produce chemicals, adhesives, epoxies, polymers and recycled rubber products, harsh manufacturing environments come with the territory. And when you’re a company with six operating subsidiaries and nine manufacturing facilities with a client list that includes some of the most well-known companies in the world, these harsh conditions can’t lead to critical errors or breakdowns.

Welcome to the world of Detroit, MI and this Major Chemical Company and the Corporate Director of Maintenance. In surveying the operations of Adhesive Solutions subsidiary, noticed that the centrifugal pump used for cooling an air-compressor system that requires a steady stream of water 24 hours a day was prone to breakdowns, which were costly in terms of repairs and loss of production capability.

“There were a lot of problems in that area,” said the Director of Maintenance. “It’s a harsh environment, there’s a lot of powders in the air, and also little fines and silts that get into the water system. When we had the competitor’s pump it would die off, and even though we had a back-up compressor, it didn’t keep us at 100% capacity.”

Working with Tom Matheson of American Controls, Inc., a Farmington Hills, MI-based distributor of industrial pumps, meters and accessories, Flores found the perfect answer—an 811 ANSI Series centrifugal pump from Griswold Pump Company, Thomasville, GA.

The Griswold™ 811 ANSI Series pump meets this company’s needs because it can easily handle the harsh environments. The 811 offers a full range of pump sizes, as well as options and upgrades with flow rates up to, and including, 908 m3/hr (4,000 gpm). Among the 811’s features are the availability of both standard and low-flow models, heavy-duty power frames, fully open impellers with rear-adjustment capability, and a wide variety of mechanical-seal options. All 811 Series pumps also undergo extensive hydro testing before being delivered to the customer.

“Ever since we have put in the Griswold we have had no problems,” said the Director of Maintenance. “We used to rent a compressor for $2,000 a month when the previous pump was in operation; however that cost is being saved now thanks to the performance of the Griswold pump. We also experience savings from not having to shut the process down, or missing shipments if I can’t make my product.”