Wilden® Advanced™ AODD Pumps Reduce Downtime

Director of Maintenance with DCT, next to one of the  numerous Wilden pumps.

Wilden® Advanced™ AODD Pumps Reduce Downtime by 50%, Increase Energy Efficiency for this Major Chemical Company

Taking advantage of his background as the owner of a metal-fabrication business, when Santos Flores assumed the role of Corporate Director of Maintenance in 2005 with this  Major Chemical Company in Detroit, MI, he had a pretty good idea what to expect as he became familiar with the operations of  their six subsidiaries and nine manufacturing facilities.

“I saw a lot of processes that they had that I knew could have great improvement, especially with a lot of our pumping systems,” he said.

In today’s difficult economic times, these are critical concerns that the director of maintenance  knew would have to be addressed expeditiously, as any operational inefficiencies can mean a decrease in energy-efficiency and a corresponding negative impact on bottom-line revenue. So, working with Tom Matheson of American Controls, Inc., a Farmington Hills, MI-based distributor of industrial pumps, meters and accessories, the director of maintenance searched for a solution that could adequately replace several pumps that are spread over various operations. What he found was the perfect answer— Advanced™ Series air-operated double-diaphragm pump (AODD) technology that features patented Pro-Flo® air-distribution system (ADS) from Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., Grand Terrace, CA.

“Those old pumps we were using were very maintenance-intensive to take apart, put back together and get back online,” explained the director of maintenance. “We had a competitor’s pump that we almost had daily failures on and we’ve reduced downtime 50% with the Wilden pumps. We have not had a failure on a Wilden pump to date.”

Numerous Wilden® Advanced™ Series pumps have been installed across this company’s diversified operations. The majority of the pumps being used are Wilden Pro-Flo® Advanced™ Series (bolted) pumps from the P200 (1-inch) to P1500 (3-inch) sizes with flow rates from 56 to 260 gpm. The Advanced™ Series pumps are bolted so they won’t leak and their metal or plastic construction gives them the versatility to handle products with a wide range of characteristics, with a number of product-friendly elastomer options also available.

“When I got here I wanted to make sure we were sizing the pumps correctly and had the right one for the product,” said the director of maintenance. “The ones we’re losing money on are top priority and then we’ll go right down the list. The Wilden pumps have made my job a lot easier.”